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A bit about me.

Hi, I’m Chase. I’m a social entrepreneur living in Salt Lake City and this is my personal website.

In 2011 at 21-years-old, I started my first company called Dress Code, which is where I found my love and passion for entrepreneurship. We were a US-based custom menswear brand that, in four short years, emerged as one of the fastest-growing suit companies in the world with over 10k customers, millions in revenue, $1.7M+ in venture capital.

Our team of 50+ people were spread across the US and Asia, and we were all crazy-passionate about revolutionizing the retail industry. It was a very fun company and the experience of a lifetime. In mid-2014 I announced I was leaving my post as CEO to join an old friend SaraJoy Pond on a new venture we’re launching in mid-2015 called PurposePortfolio.

I’m more excited about this venture than I’ve ever been about any other project. It’s really strikes a balance for me of something I’m terribly passionate about, a potential billion-dollar idea, and tremendously impactful in the social impact sector and developing world. At PurposePortfolio, we’re helping millennials turn into impact investors and micro-philanthropy fund managers.

We get to work with some of the coolest international development projects, nonprofits, and social businesses around the world that are being run by the most passionate people I’ve met in my entire career. Helping them get access to capital and run a more effective organization is truly my life calling. I’ll share more about PurposePortfolio later this year when we launch.

Earlier this year I also launched a podcast called The Utah Foodie. It’s a fun side project where I get to interview Utah’s most passionate and eccentric culinary entrepreneurs, restauranteurs, and chefs. We’re sponsored by KRCL radio and I have way too much fun meeting and interviewing so many interesting people. This project helps me stay balanced and engaged in the SLC community, and I love that.

Outside of work, I relentlessly travel with my near 3-year-old son Liam. I’ve visited 30+ countries, where I enjoy trying new food, writing and taking pictures, and collecting masks. In my spare time I fly small airplanes, hike in the beautiful Utah mountains, and drink absurd amounts of coffee.

If all goes as planned, this website will challenge me to produce more content, develop my writing and web design skills, and start conversations with interesting people. I also hope my blog becomes an archive of my favorite stories, pictures, projects, and ideas. Thanks for visiting.