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I’m an entrepreneur living in Salt Lake City and I built this small site to be a one-stop location for my current projects, some of my writing, and to showcase my work. Over time, I’m hoping this site can also become something of a digital journal and online profile.

I’m currently the CEO of a US-based custom menswear brand called Dress Code.  We’re a small group of nearly 50 spread across the United States and Asia.  We’ve been called the Zappos of menswear and we’re a team of mission-driven crazies trying to change the way retail works.

I still feel a bit out of place in the fashion industry, but I’m passionate about our business model, our product, and the value-proposition we bring to our customers.  I’ve found that I really thrive in the startup atmosphere and I have a lot of fun building out new ideas, great teams, and innovative products.

Outside of work, I love to travel with my 2 year old son Liam. I collect masks, grow bonsai trees, fly airplanes, dream about social enterprise and NGO projects, and drink absurd amounts of coffee.

My hope is that this website will challenge me to produce more content, develop my writing and design skills, and start conversations with interesting people.  I also hope this site becomes an archive of some of my favorite stories, pictures, projects, and ideas.

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The Difference Between Made to Measure and Bespoke

“A good guide for evaluating whether you’re getting what you deserve when you buy custom, and not being taken for a ride by some marketing director using flashy jargon.” – Chase Murdock

Forbes.com  | 


Can Dressing Well Increase Your Income in 2013?

“Chase Murdock has built an entire company around the goal of helping executive men achieve optimal style.” – Forbes.com

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Entrepreneur Chase Murdock Talks Startups, Tech, and Jobs in Utah

KHQN Utah Jobs Radio  |  Listen to Segment >>

Dress Code Builds out Marketing Department Led by New VP

“We need to better communicate who we are as an organization, how our unique shopping experience works, and all the aspects of our product value. If we can nail that, we’ll be able to do some great things in the industry.”

Dress Code Press Room  | 

Dress Code Suits up 2012 Libertarian Presidential Candidate, Gary Johnson

“The most beautiful suit I’ve ever seen.” – Governor Gary Johnson

Dress Code Style Blog  | 

Chase Murdock on Park City TV with Terry Burden

Park City TV Mountain Views  | 

Dress Code Names U.S. Olympian Bill Schuffenhauer as Director or Sales

Press Release  | 

Dress Code Opens Las Vegas Location, Bringing Custom Suits Without The Cost

“There are a lot of companies offering custom suits and shirts, but their prices just aren’t accessible to most men. We’re trying to change that.”

Las Vegas Sun  | 

Dress Code Offers Personalized Wardrobes for Men

“The Dress Code business model underscores a growing trend in retail services… But with the expertise of personalized consultants and the possibility of custom fit menswear, the company has cornered an exciting part of the market and is ready to become a first-choice option for customers.”

The Herald Journal  | 

Men’s Style for Fall on Good Things Utah

ABC4 Good Things Utah  | 

Dress Code Redefining Men’s Suit Shopping Experience

“We consider our asset to be that we provide a better experience,” Murdock said. “If men know they get the perfect fit every time they shop with us that encourages our customers to outsource their entire closet to Dress Code.”

The Daily Herald  | 

Utah-Based Custom Suit Startup Closes Seed Round

“By marrying the convenience and options of online shopping with in-person consulting, Murdock said Dress Code provides the best of both worlds.”

Utah Business Magazine  | 

Company Highlight on ABC4 Good Things Utah:  Dress Code

“We have the smartest style gurus out there – we call them Style Consultants. They come out to our clients in their homes and offices to offer a retail shopping experience unlike any out there.”

Good Things Utah  | 


I live in Salt Lake City, UT and work in Orem. I travel to Shanghai, Denver, and Las Vegas at least once every 1-2 months and several other cities often. You can also connect with me online through the following links:

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I am not currently blogging on this site anymore, but hopefully will be soon. To read some of my writing on the retail industry and other interests of mine, please visit my page on Quora.


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