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My new venture, Purpose Portfolio

Purpose Portfolio is a social business that turns millennials and everyday world-changers into impact investors and micro-philanthropists.

Our platform and app provide “impact marketplace” that makes it easy for people to engage with the best social impact work in their community and around the globe, and do their part to make the world a better place. It’s a mashup of Mint, Kickstarter, Kiva, and Fitbit that helps people manage their “social impact footprint” and be as data-driven, social, informed, and engaged with changing the world as they are with their fitness, finance, and travel.

Our go-to market strategy is an enterprise SaaS solution that helps companies navigate their corporate social responsibility and start building a culture centered around giving back and engaging in important mission-aligned causes they care about. We enable payroll giving programs, corporate philanthropy, hack-a-thon volunteer nights, impact funds, and project-focused campaigns that actually make a difference.

Purpose Portfolio lets anyone –corporations and users alike– discover, engage, and track their social impact through data-driven reports, in-field updates, and analytics.




About Me.

Hi, I’m Chase. I’m a social entrepreneur living in Salt Lake City, working on a new venture called Purpose Portfolio.

My first startup was Dress Code Custom Inc., a vertically-integrated custom menswear brand. After living in Asia, I became interested in the import/export opportunity in China and fell in love with custom tailoring. So at 21 years old, a friend and I launched our small import operation.

In four short years, we emerged as one of the fastest-growing suit companies in the world, with over 10k customers, millions in revenue, and $1.7M in venture capital. Our team of 50+ men and women were located all over the United States, and we manufactured in Shanghai, China, a city I’ve grown to love. We were all crazy-passionate about revolutionizing the retail industry.

In mid-2014 I left my post as CEO to begin working on a new startup, Purpose Portfolio. I’m more excited about this venture than I’ve ever been about any other project. It really strikes a balance for me between something I’m terribly passionate about, a potentially billion-dollar idea, and something that actually does good for the world.

Purpose Portfolio help the most socially-minded generation in the world, millennials, connect with purpose. We do this through an enterprise SaaS platform that helps businesses become more socially-minded in a way that has a real ROI on their recruiting and retention and in a way that builds a culture that attracts millennials.

We get to work with some of the coolest international development projects, nonprofits, and social businesses around the world that are being run by the most passionate people I’ve met in my entire career. Helping them get access to capital and run a more effective organization is truly my life calling.

Earlier this year I also launched a podcast called The Utah Foodie. It’s a fun side project where I get to interview Utah’s most passionate and eccentric culinary entrepreneurs, restauranteurs, and chefs. We’re sponsored by KRCL 90.9FM radio and I have way too much fun meeting and interviewing so many interesting people. This project helps me stay balanced and engaged in the SLC community, and I love that.

Outside of work, I relentlessly travel with my near 3-year-old son Liam. I’ve visited 30+ countries, where I enjoy trying new food, writing and taking pictures, and collecting masks. In my spare time I fly small airplanes, hike in the beautiful Utah mountains, and drink absurd amounts of coffee.

If all goes as planned, this website will challenge me to produce more content, develop my writing and web design skills, and start conversations with interesting people. Thanks for visiting.

The Entrepreneurial Journey Podcast: Chase Murdock Prepared for adventure, and eager to give

Podcast Summary

Chase fell into his first job by accident and began traveling to Asia for work.  Through his experience is Asia he made a business of custom made suits.  Through risk, naiveté, and help he has become an entrepreneur to follow.  Chase looks at the world with a desire to turn risk into opportunity.  He focus now is on his new project Catalyze Labs where he is reshaping the way philanthropy works.

Chase hosts & moderates “Alt Fundraising for Nonprofits | A Panel Discussion”


Event Details:

In this informative panel discussion, learn some of the latest trends and ideas for non-profit fundraising. We’ll discuss sustainable revenue models, crowdfunding, and alternative grant-style mechanisms such as the Community Foundation of Utah’s Social Investor Forum.

My podcast, The Utah Foodie

A weekly podcast for Utah foodies. We put a voice and story to our state’s most passionate restauranteurs in the business of great eats, cocktails, and coffee. Our host Chase Murdock talks with the passionate chefs and culinary entrepreneurs working behind the scenes to make Utah’s budding food scene vibrant.

Hear the great stories, the history, and insider tips for hidden gems and great finds scattered across the state and join us in highlighting and discovering Utah’s very best places to eat and drink.

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Django/Rails developer needed for a small contract project

I need to find and hire a solid Django/Rails developer for a small contract project. Paid project, ready to go – it’s a simple database and platform build for my next startup, Catalyze Labs.

Project Scope:

  • 50-150 hrs
  • 3-6 wk project timeline
  • Either set hourly rate OR Project sum, 50% up front and 50% upon completion
  • All mock-ups and designs are completed.
  • Target start date:  Jan 12.
  • Target completion date:  Feb 15

I just need to find a solid programmer who has time to help and can dive into this. Please share and/or intro me if you know anyone who would be a good fit.

Thanks in advance! Intros or shares would be very much appreciated.

Email / more info: