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Hi, I’m Chase.

I’m an entrepreneur living in Salt Lake City and this is my personal website. Over time, I’m hoping this site will evolve into a one-stop location where I can showcase my work, some of my writing, and talk about my current projects.

In 2011 at 21 years old, I started my first company Dress Code. We were a US-based custom menswear brand that raised over $1.5M in venture capital and were one of the fastest-growing suit companies in the world. We were once called the “Zappos of menswear,” in the way we designed our business model to disintermediate inefficient suppliers and go direct to our customers with a tape measure and fabric swatches in their home or office.

Our team of nearly 50 spread across the United States and Asia, were all crazy-passionate about revolutionizing retail, and it was a very fun company that I was honored to be a part of.

In 2014 I announced I was leaving my post as CEO to enter the nonprofit world and help start my current venture, Catalyze Labs, with an old friend. And I never looked back.

At Catalyze, we’re trying to reshape the way philanthropy works by targeting latent capital opportunities and funneling them exclusively to the organizations engaged in the best, most sustainable, deep-impact work in the world. We’re a meta-charity, and part of a growing breed of organizations focused on helping every day people engage more effectively in the social issues they care about.

Outside of work, I relentlessly travel with my 2 year old son Liam. I’ve visited 30+ countries, where I enjoy trying new food, writing and taking pictures, and collecting masks. In my spare time I fly small airplanes, hike in the beautiful Utah mountains, and drink absurd amounts of coffee.

If all goes as planned, this website will challenge me to produce more content, develop my writing and web design skills, and start conversations with interesting people. I also hope my blog becomes an archive of my favorite stories, pictures, projects, and ideas. Thanks for visiting.